Assault on Tower 259(British vs Afrika Korps)

Models: FH tanks, WWII barricades, CoH Weapons Pack, and Taggert’s DoDS models.

Bloom ovrload

I wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t in the desert.

It looks like you used the in-game bloom. Here’s some advice:
Never use in-game bloom.

Whats this WWII barricade pack

It looks like all the tanks have some sort of “keep upright” on them, and the dudes look like they are hovering.

well I do think the boom is a bit excessive, but maybe someone may think it belongs in a desert scene.

It’s a bit empty, but it’s probably because of the mission it’s about, I’m not too familiar with battles like this.

The running looks very natural.

Thanks. Yeah, the desert is a tad empty. As for the WWII barricade pack:

Nice to see some British poses but the bloom is pretty damn heavy and too colourful.