I’ve decided to finally make a thread for this gamemode I’ve been working on. Its still a work in progress so there are bound to be some bugs/bad looking things.**

What is Assault?**
Assault is based off the Unreal Tournament 2004 gamemode of the same name where 2 teams take turns defending or attacking a number of objectives.

How do you play?
Like mentioned above there are two teams, red and blue, that take turns to try and complete all the objectives within a time limit.
Once a team has completed (or failed to) the roles switch and the previously attacking team is now trying to protect the objectives.
Unfortunately there is no way to “win” yet. You just keep switching teams until the server owner decides switch the map.

What are you planning on adding?
I made a trello board to show everything I’m working on/finished/planning on adding

How do you complete objectives?
There are a number of objectives types that get completed differently, there names should be explanatory:

  • Target/destroy
  • Hold point
  • Touch
  • Carry/flag
  • Touch/get to area

There is also another for mappers that allows them to do pretty much anything, like “wait x seconds for rescue” or press a button.

What maps are there?
Other then a simple example/test map there is currently just one map, mostly due to the fact that the objectives have to be setup in hammer when making the maps.

**Lets see the map!
- As_Runoff
**Rebels are trying to ambush and disable a combine outpost as well as steal some important data from their systems. They have to disable the security keeping the main door locked to gain access to the facility and destroy powering there systems, crippling them and frying their data.[/t][t][/t]

So its just combine vs resistance?
No, thats just the theme I used for as_runoff. Mappers can choose between all kinds of playermodel types for the attackers and defenders.
Here are all the types available:

  • Rebel
  • Citizen
  • Resistance
  • Combine
  • Terrorist
  • Counter-Terrorist
  • Hostage
  • Zombie
  • Corpse
  • American
  • German

With this freedom there can be maps where zombies are going after citizens or hostages are trying to escape the terrorists.

Is there a video of the gameplay?
Yes! Its a little old but I think almost everything is the same, sorry about the shit quality though, I uploaded it before I got highspeed internet

Where is the download? **
Main gamemode files can be downloaded from GitHub
The gamemode content (maps and such) and be downloaded from the Steam workshop
This looks awesome and I want to make a map for it!

Thanks, I’m probably going to make a thread in the mapping section for this but I should have everything documented properly as well as the vmfs for the example map and as_runoff
If you are interested and want to know more just PM me or add me on steam and ask away.

Icon is too big, It seems I can kill people with it.

What icon?

Is there a railgun-type weapon

This is very important

Should I make an array of UT type weapons for this? I couldn’t decide if I should do that or just use the default weapons, or have both

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Also, is it common practice to keep any extra content like maps, textures and sounds off of GitHub right?

Well, I suggest you to use up some overwatch or Zombie Master maps

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or- Zombie Panic Objective Maps

I didn’t know of these, will investigate further, thanks.

I uploaded the gamemode files and content to GitHub and the workshop respectively. Here are the links:

Not sure if this gamemode is still being updated but I was getting this error[/t] by commenting out this line [t]
and i dont get any errors when playing now , not sure if thats the right thing to do, not a good lua coder :confused: