Assaulting the Bridge!

Editing Practice, don’t bitch about Personal skins, there is no inside joke or anything, just editing practice.

and Yes I could have used the original guys,but I didn’t want to.



…looks good its just…the faces dosen’t match the characters…except medic^^

As I mentioned before, Mjans looks like a chick with a tiny head.

Here is a tip , don’t use dodge and burn.

The faces ruin it, otherwise it could be decent.

This is really horribly creepy.

med fingerposing is bad

Seth has a Double Fine look to him :buddy:

The Engineer will prevent me from sleeping tonight…


oh god the heads!


Sorry :frowning:



Dear God Mjans you look like a Woman!

All of you look… Uhh… Gay…?

Engineer’s hat looks way too pasted on.

finger posing needs more work

How I’ve missed that black text with yellow border.

i like the smoke

AI, kinda nice but pretty much everything Iddqdpro Said.

Oh hey Angry Baker.