Assaulting the hill, Japs last stand.

Thats a really wierd way to hold a gun.

can i please finally get those fuckuing models please




I agree.

No you shut the front door and wait.


Have a pallet aswell.

Fire in zhe cock!

Btw, i heard some japanese told me that jap is offensive to them :frowning:


I gave you a rainbow for the cockshot

lol @ the dumb rating.

Weird gun handling yes, and he looks like he is trying to solve a math problem. But I like it.


Offensive? Japs said that?.. Yes the laughter roard.

Jap is offensive yeah

cool idea :slight_smile:

Same with toejoe aswell?

It’s Tojo.

dont forget Nip

I’m not a big fan of the black and white and the posing looks really stiff.