Assembling a team!

Hey guys, I’ve got a nice idea for assembling a small team. I’m not only an ideas guy but a coder and a hexer so onto details.

Now there is no pay but we’re working together as a team and we make decisions together like will we release this or keep it to ourselves? Y’know, just we choose together.

Now onto actual gamemode details;
A parkour story based gamemode(Not fucking RP, lord.) with leveling, updated story every month or so, possibly a quest system, a custom base and some other shit that can be decided.

Now I also thought of this kind of as a community project where you guys can also decide some ideas that go into it but whether or not I get partners I’m doing this; it will take time soooo, yeah.

Like I said I can and will contribute with coding so this isn’t a request.

If you’re a coder and not working on any big projects c’mon and help :3:

“ideas guy”
In the modding and gaming world they are absolutely useless.

Difference is I can actually do something, I’m nearly finished with the system already, err atleast the parkour system.

I could help, I’m fairly new into the lua syntax on garrysmod (I have coding experience in other languages) But I definantly can contribute to this project as a coder, who knows? we could make the next DarkRP (popularity wise). PM’ed you my steam name, sign me up for the team.

Sweet, :buddy: