Assembling team for Vintage themed Community project (TF2)

Hello, I am B. Pierce, and I am looking for modelers who would like to join me in a community project I have tried to start labeled “Lifestyle Moderne”, which focuses upon vintage fashion and lifestyle from the 1900s to the 1950s. Examples for styles of weapons could be Googie style, Streamline, art deco, or retrofuturistic, or modeled after 1900s household appliances (ie. a 1940s electrolux Vacuum for pyro). Same applies for maps, which could be in a googie architecture style, or streamline. You can contact me at my steam page:, and we shall work from there. I would like to get this working where as we have an official line of cosmetics and maps. I already have one map being produced (CTF_Marine) by Necro, and a small amount of cosmetics added to the project. However these are pre made submissions, not official items produced by a team. I am looking for modelers, map makers, production artists and SFM artists, texture producers, concept artists, and the like. Thank you! Do contact if interested.