Assertion failed on changing map since last updates

Hey guys, got a problem that I pretty much can’t figure out. This only happens on ZS and only with about 30+ players connected. I know that it happens after GM:Initialize is called but before GM:InitPostEntity. Basically, about 1/2 the time on a map change the server will just hang there until restarted. Checking the console shows this:

Then the server just hangs there until the server checker program restarts it.

I thought it might just be modules or something doing it as usual but this shit still happens after removing every last addon and lua module. It’s a pretty odd problem so I’m checking to see if maybe I’m not the only one getting it. Until then we’ll be playing 24/7 mall.

Is there a crashdump generated? Upload one so garry can take a look at it.

I’ve had an issue lately when updating GMod servers (beta / live) in that the server binaries for whatever reason aren’t getting updated properly. Try wiping and re-updating with them (verify all for some reason won’t work in this case either).

Do you get that as well, when you verify it would (pretend?) to download the binaries ALL the time?
Does so here.

It doesn’t even pretend, it just shows that no changes were detected and thus nothing was downloaded.

For me it shows that it will be downloaded, but doesn’t download anything.

I’ll try deleting the binaries but it does say that the modify date is current. If they weren’t updated then no one could connect.

Seemed to work for the first map change. We’ll see.

EDIT: nope. Now it changes the map successfully one time and then the next map change is the same error and hang.

bumping for answers.