Asset Release Thread

A place for people to post models, materials and to a lesser extent prefabs to share with the community. SFM have one and now we can.

Some stuff from unfinished projects/one offs.

Grey Brick Texture w Custom Bumpmap[/t]

Metal roof, originally meant to be japanese and ceramic, now metal and industrial. Comes with matching world texture so you can fade it at distances without loosing too much.

Part made tree in tree[d] showing how leafs can be used instead of “cross” branches

Textures and a vbsp file with some models in it to create a trench I posted a while ago.

Underwater textures

I got some half finished sandbag and wooden fortification models from the trench, if I finish them I’ll post them. Also some desert stuff which I’ll probably post sometime.

Please leave a link, brief description and a picture of things you want to share and I will, if I remember to, add them to this post with your name.

Also please nobody post specific requests here, general stuff like “people should make more trees” is fine but requests belong elsewhere.

I refuse to let this thread not succeed.
Heres some more stuff.

Some igneous rocks. 4 models. + some alternative snowy textures which I didn’t like.

so what, are we just allowed to use these without credit or anything?

Sure but not in a mod please.

oh :smith:

Make some high poly ones

How high you talking about?

High enough to make them look more round


/me selects model and turbo smooths.

I made some higher poly stuff earlier on, once its got LOD models it will probably end up on here.

You should keep the stuff collected in OP.

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I would release stuff however I don’t have any original content yet :v:

I would release stuff aswell, but Its all for a mod.

If anyone remembers the Taco Bell map I made a while back,[/t]
I said I wouldn’t release the assets but it’s been quite a while since then, so if anyone finds some use for the textures then feel free to use them. Note, the decals need some work.

Also some Exxon materials…

I don’t care if you give credit or whatever, these are old anyway.