Assets didn't load on map ie "ERROR" and some purple checkered textures

So I’m working on a final project for a class, but the map that I picked has errors and some of the textures won’t load. The map is called shadowgreen, which was a gmod map made to work in SFM with everything intact and needs HL2 for it to work. I never had this problem on a old laptop, but when I transferred over to a new PC at the beginning of the year I had just realized that something wasn’t right. 80% of the map is fine, but in shots that I need aka the fire, the boulders, and the water won’t work. I verified the files for the game not SFM, but that didn’t work. I don’t want to verify files for SFM with fear I’ll lose some non-workshop files.


are you able to post the compile log?

also, you say “the map i picked”. does that mean you took an existing map and decompiled it? decompiling can sometimes bring a lot of errors.

Apologies for the long reply. I was on a mini vacation. The map in question was done by the original creator and he had the map recompiled for me to add HDR for SFM compatibility.

The map worked fine on my old laptop unless my memory was bad something got lost mid transfer to a desktop with similar specs.