Assign Active Gamemode Per Map

Hey guys,
I was wondering if it is possible to assign active gamemodes per map? I’d like to edit each gamemode to fit each map, for instance on Downtown there are no vehicles in DarkRp, however you switch to evo city and it loads another DarkRP gamemode that does have vehicles.

Is this possible? Pretty much my line of thinking was connecting each DarkRP Gamemode to mysql so the player cash and whatnot is the same throughout each, but having it so that there is different content that fits each map.

You’d be better off using one gamemode and wrapping the vehicle code in a [LUA]if game.GetMap() == “themapyouwant” then[/LUA]

Well, its not only for vehicles, I’d also like to have a apocalypse and zombie survival rp rotation in it as well.

I could have it run that to trigger the gamemode command via garrysmod/lua/autorun, correct?

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So for instance i’d do; [lua]if game.GetMap() == “themapyouwant” then
game.ConsoleCommand("gamemode darkrpversion
end [/lua]

You should post this in the DarkRP thread