Assigning Sleeping Bags to Friends

This feature seems like its going to have pro’s and con’s. Here are a couple obvious… but what else do you guys think?

Pro’s - Friends can find you easier (its not hard now)

Con’s- This will be used as teleporting, and there will be nearly indestructible sleeping bags everywhere around the map.
- I can only imagine there will be some kind of exploit for this feature that will have people spawning in your base.

Pretty much every unique or major change is gonna bring exploits or bugs, which we are all here to test and report. I’m sure there will be bugs with it but I bet as long as we find them and report them they won’t last more than a week. Especially the game breaking bugs.

I think the teleport with sleeping bags things needs to be taken care of from a different angle, not related to the sleeping bags themselves. The devs have considering making some type of punishment for frequently suiciding, which as long as it’s a reasonable punishment would help deter teleport spawning. Granted people could still just intentionally die to an animal or whatever to get around that, but we gotta start somewhere to find the right place.

Put your sleeping bags inside a reinforced room with a code lock on the door. Without wall hacks, a naked with a rock and torch is going to have a pretty tough time getting out of said room to raid your base.

interesting idea, but probably unnecessary when you can both put down a bag in the same area. the only benefit i can see to this is basically a “tpr” function.

as for penalizing suicide, i think the half health respawn is a start, but maybe have it more severe/stack if you die within say 30 seconds?

My initial reaction was ‘this just added tp’, but there is a big difference – when you spawn at a sleeping bag, you don’t take all your items with you and you spawn with half health.

In general, I am not terribly against it, but I do think there needs to be some limitations on sleeping bags to avoid abuse, like limiting how many you can have total. Bring back beds as a very expensive item to craft that are easily destroyed, and only allow 1-2 sleeping bags? I’m not sure what the answer is, and who knows what the next updates will bring in terms of balance.

IMO it would be fine so long as they made it a 1 time reassignment. Like adding a charge that is consumed the first time it’s done, and make it beds (once introduced) instead of sleeping bags.

Initially I thought this was going to turn out bad but I think its working exceptionally well so far. I don’t like the idea of penalizing player, especially for half health or lower respawns are brutal. Below 50 health you have red screen and if you spawn in the desert in your own house, you may end up freezing to death before you can put on a fire and put your clothes on.

I like it. Tonight I plan making a small 1x2 with no roof and lining up a few sleeping bags. I’ll choose some random players on the server, assign them to the bags, and then name the bags “Free Sex”.

I see a free meat factory this way (with Frank’s idea), no need to hunt animals if they are dumb enough to spawn in my meat locker.

Couldn’t have said it better. Chill out everybody, move to the snow biome. Invite your friends to your arctic ice age freeze party.

i love the snow biome now, its so peaceful. it will fucking kill you at night. i got a few aidrops that were not taken, and almost died on the way back to my house which is also in the snow.

Now that I can make a snow-jacket I may just relocate myself lol

Same thing in the desert too. I like to make naked desert runs from one house to the other starting right after the sun sets. You have about 5 mins before the cold starts killing you, then a few more before you’re dead.

Sure I could wear clothes, but I don’t want to waste my precious cloth, and it’s fun!

I love the idea of giving a bag away to someone. They don’t have to spawn there if they don’t want to. It really solves the problem of not giving building rights away while still giving someone a spawn in your place. I also have no problem with the sleeping bags have unlimited use in reassigning it. Maybe you want to spawn in but when you are done, you can give it back to the person you stayed with. I don’t see a problem with this.

Last night some people build an arena, had people spawn in there to compete in death matches and gave away prizes to people that came in.

I do think there should be option for you to abandon or refuse bags if there is a limit. Maybe stand above it and select abandon or in the case of someone giving it to you, you can see who it is given by and deny it. I also think you should, once you take ownership of the bag be the only one able to rename it. The novelty of renaming your buddy’s bag has worn off with no longer knowing which bag is which when you try to figure out if you want to respawn at cumrag, fartsack, or Unnamed Bag (which probably re-named by someone smarter because you assume this is a new bag). In any case, you no longer no which bag is where.

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