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Former apologies if this is not in the correct space.
I have a model for Gmod that is in the .OBJ format. How can i change it so that i can turn it into a GMA file (and before you ask OBJ is blacklisted for some reason and wont work for Gmad)

You would need to rig the model and convert it to an SMD first.

(EDIT: And then you’d need to compile it to a .MDL. Look up a tutorial on how to do so, I suck at explaining things.)

Any other File types?

OBJs can compile natively actually. It’s usefull for unrigged detail meshes.

I have a rigged model though

In that case it’s not a standard OBJ.

So how would i make it GMA?

GMA is a container file you need to understand the difference between a raw file such as an obj smd x iqm and a container which stores multiple files. But as RTB said import the obj into your modelling program of your choice and export it as an smd then write a qc for it and compile it into the mdl format which you can then pack into a GMA