I downloaded the Combine Administrators models from a little while ago.
After I did I decided I liked the models so much that I wanted to make one my own personal skin. I made the skin and started playing with the model. Later I noticed that the eyes aren’t poseable. I’ve become frustrated with the fact that many of the models I like very much of the citizens that are either reskins or just new models aren’t face poseable in the eyes.
Was hoping for someone who might know how to, or would kindly, change the models .mdl .phy and so on files such that the eyes are poseable.
These are the models of which I speak:

.PHY files have absolutely nothing to do with it, so just a heads up on that. It’s fairly difficult to fix the eyelids. When you decompile a model to edit it like in the link, it doesn’t decompile the eyelid flexes and there’s no way to fix this without completely recreating the eyelid flexes, which only a select few people know how to do. Basically, it’s hard to do and I’m not sure anybody will have the time to do them.

Well shat.
Thanks anyways.
A man can still dream though.
Speaking of which I find myself oddly mesmerized by your avatar. Is that Nick Frost?

Why yes it is, and this is Simon Pegg. I have a third account with Edgar Wright; director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. :c00l:

That is officially twat-tastic.
Just kidding, that’s outstanding.
Love it.