Assmod 2.20 adding new admin lvl

Ok so yesterday i was trying to make a new assmod admin level and when i was adding script on the ASS_server file i finished and sent it to a server owner and he said the script wont work i was trying to make a new level called zombiedance :stuck_out_tongue: but i guess i dont know what to edit i was originally fine because we were using a different version of ass mod then changed and now i need help.

Paste what you’ve edited along with the errors.

i dont know what the errors on and the code would take up the HOLE next to pages its a HUGE script. 0.0 no lie

Don’t paste the entire ass_server.lua, just the part you’ve put in that’s causing errors.

wait i forgot to save the script so can anyone help me throught making a new admin lvl?

i just found the script it was crammed up in my gmod directory

function CONSOLE:HasLevel(n)		if (!self:IsValid()) then return ASS_LVL_Zombiedance <= n else return ASS_LVL_GUEST <= n end end
function CONSOLE:IsBetterOrSame(PL2)	if (!self:IsValid()) then return ASS_LVL_Zombiedance <= 

concommand.Add( "ASS_GiveOwnership",	
		function (pl, cmd, args) 	
			if (pl:HasLevel(ASS_LVL_Zombiedance)) then
				local other = ASS_FindPlayer(args[1])
				if (!other || !other:IsValid()) then
					ASS_MessagePlayer(pl, "Invalid Player!")
				if (other != pl) then
					other:SetLevel( ASS_LVL_Zombiedance )

					ASS_MessagePlayer(pl, "Ownership Given!")
					ASS_MessagePlayer(pl, "You're an owner already!")
				ASS_MessagePlayer(pl, "Access Denied!")

i know im missing stuff…

Assmod was never designed to have new levels put in. There’s a hell of a lot of core functions to edit, in every file. It would be better to use ULX if you want more access levels.

aww the server owner wont go to ULX…

Then tell him to throw his server into the bin.

Or tell him to use a different admin mod such as Citrus or NewAdmin.