ASSMod 4

What happened to <Insert random mod here>?
I abandoned my previous admin mod project, GManage, due to it being too bulky and buggy.

Epic History + Question
This is still in heavy WIP, I’ve barely started serverside, but most of the clientside stuff is finished. My question to you guys is this, should I actually bother to continue this and release it, or is it a giant waste of time?

Planned Features

  • Everything from the latest working ASSMod version, and also…
  • Customisable groups each with a set of “flags” or permissions
  • Everything done from the gui, no editing filez
  • No windows or popups or any weird gui shit, everythings in the menu somewhere

Technical Shizz
The addon is basically a complete rewrite, the menus are done without using DMenu (it uses a combination of panels, DPanelList, and usage controls (like buttons, checkboxes etc)). The addon will be as modular as I can be bothered to make it, but plugins will be easy as shit to create.

Example plugin
(Clientside only so far)
// ********************** \
// * ASSMod 4 - thomasfn * \
// ********************** \
// PLUGIN: Player Godmode

if (CLIENT) then

local BuildPlayerMenu

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// BuildPlayerMenu - Extends the player menu
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
function BuildPlayerMenu( ply, menu )
	// Submit the change to the server
	local function Submit( val )
		local tosend = "0"
		if (val) then tosend = "1" end
		RunConsoleCommand( "ass_godplayer", ply:AssID(), tosend )
	// Add the checkbox to the menu
	menu:AddCheckbox( "Godmode", Submit )
	// Add a seperator to the menu
ASSMod4.AddHook( "BuildPlayerMenu", "godmode", BuildPlayerMenu )


That’s only clientside, but you can see that it wouldn’t be hard to make it actually work. Most of the space in that plugin is either whitespace or comments.


(Note - read through the pages to see more screenshots as the addon develops)

Ya’ll know the drill, shitty laptop means shitty screenshots. The apparently empty space to the left of the menu options will eventually be occupied by little icons, I’ll fix it sometime so that if a menu has buttons without images, it will not bother to add the little column in. Everything fades in and out nicely and smoothly (as smooth as can be on a shitty 10fps gmod client) without making the user wait too long for stuff to open.

(Also, ignore the weird untitled thing in the top left, that’s the effect of having errors half way through a derma function)

The effect of the godmode plugin can be seen in the first screenshot.

Uhh… what happened to ASSMod 3?
Some guy took ASSMod 2, bundled a load of plugins and uploaded it to dubbed “ASSMod 3”. I didn’t want to cause confusion. Method to the madness…

Random Question
So… should I bother carrying on with this project?

I think you should continue with the project. I don’t really care for the VGUI, but it can be improved :). If you do carry on, add or improve the already awesome plugin system.

Sounds nice and all, but I really hate those rounded boxes. The panels don’t fit together at all. What’s wrong with using the derma DMenu control?

same here try to do normal context menu and some Dframe :slight_smile: But good job

Menu looks like a downgrade, just use the normal derma one (you can even have that title at the top if you’re so terribly attached to it).

About the menus:

  1. As everyone else said, they don’t look as good. I would go with the default.
  2. One of the reasons I never used ASSMod was because I really don’t like the whole dropdown menu thing. Which is why I created this. I would go with a more ULX-y style derma. Frames and buttons > dropdown menus.

Why are you calling it Assmod 4 if you didn’t make 1 or 2.

Yes, I co-own a server and have assmod installed on it, and love it. I would not use any other admin mod. However, it would be massively helpful to be able to configure groups and stuff, so YES, continue to work on this and release it, ASAP, please.

Yes! Awesome! Want!
Lookin’ good there thomas :wink:

That menu looks horrid, just do a menu like the current one.

Yes please use the same appearance as ASSMod 2.

Well continue with this, but I liked Gmanager dont abandon it :confused:

And also, sorry if I’m just ignorant but why is this ASSMod 4 and not 3?

Learn to read the bottom of the OP.

I actually kind of like the menus. Make them more retro though. Square boxes, pixel arrows and no images.
Reminds me of the original Mac OS.

Sure you should continue, but please notice that ASSmod has a bad name.

It broke many things in the past(like previously banned users being able to noclip). I’m sure you will fix those bugs but you might keep the bad name.

No it didn’t.

All you had to do is edit the 255 rank into the server’s datafile for it, Andy must have just overlooked putting that rank anywhere on the menus.

The reason it has a bad name is because of these,

There is a reason the one I uploaded has 18,000 downloads. :v:

I didn’t put all the shitty 3rd party plugins except one I made to stop all the client’s sounds in assmod by default, I let the people who downloaded it shit it up only if they feel like it.

On another note, all of these reuploads have horrible grammar and contain credits for the wrong people or none at all.

All of them except like two of them are reuploads of each other also…

I also noticed that I linked every upload of Assmod in my post, that’s pitiful that 95% of them are shit.

Here’s the theme selector thingy:

And I started working on group management, both clientside and serverside:

The little window pops up when you click the textbox.

That’s nice! Would menu style be clientside or serverside?

Wow, somewhat blagh style, but I just LOVE the idea of group management being implemented into this. If it has the easy-to-use interface of AssMod, and the functionality(if it would work) of GManage, I would totally use this. But…I won’t be having a server any time soon, since I will be going to the AirForce soon. Wish me luck. Oh and thomas, good luck with your mod here, it will be awesome.


Oh and, you might want to give it a different name. Just my opinion.