Assmod creating ranks?

So i was just woundering how do i create/change ranks on assmod admin menu

It’s not designed to do that out of the box. You would have to redo all of the rankings to fit in your new ones. By default you get ranks 5 through 0.

5: Normal user
4: VIP/elevated user
3: Temp admin
2: Admin
1: Super admin
0: Owner

There’s a “banned/unfavored” rank that I think is 6, but it is really not useful for much.

Okay, but there’s no VIP/elevated user.

As far as ASSMod is concerned, there is. If you don’t use anything like that in your server, feel free to just call it something else. The thing is that ASSMod only allows one group per “rank”. So you can’t have another group with the same level as Normal user/5, because rank 5 is considered less than 4 or lower.

ASSMod probably isn’t for you. It’s not a usergroup/rank management tool, it’s a fast and easy admin menu with ranks built-in to facilitate that only.

is assmod even supported at this point? dont bother, it’s old.

If you want good rank management use evolve, with a custom function like this:

you can ez do checks like if ply:isINSERTRANKHERE()

Funny you say that because…

Yes, it is.

GTA Gamemode? haha.