Assmod "give all" command

I’m trying to bind a key to make it so it will give an item (bugbait) to all, everyone.

But it seems it won’t work, I can’t find the command for it, I have tried this one; “ass_giveitem all weapon_bugbait” but that didn’t work. I’m sure there’s a way to give it to everyone with a bind. Does anyone know?


I will download Assmod and take a look if no-one replys before me that is.

EDIT: Arggg and I can’t get it working.

Right okay, so the console command sounds more like that you are giving to a player called all rather than it being a give all command. Also aren’t “give all” commands usually give player x all weapons rather than give all players weapon x? Very limited experience with Assmod since I am more of a ULX sort of person.

EDIT 2: Going to try Assmod again and will edit this if I can get it working.

Couldn’t you just do;
function GiveBugbaitToAll()
local players = player.GetAll()
for k,v in pairs(players) do
v:Give(“weapon_bugbait or bugbait or whatever”)

Assmod uses pretty much a, let’s say, “put three words on each” system, but it has to go like this; “Command, Player, Item” and not else. Try doing “ass_giveitem weapon_bugwait player”, you’ll see it will not recognize player since that’s how it works.

Probably, but I don’t even have a very basic knowledge of LUA, so yeah.

In that case you wouldn’t be able to do such a command since “all” is not a player.

You will probably have to do with joyenusi, I would help but as mentioned above I am not familiar with the workings of assmod.