Assmod Help

Hi, i just installed assmod into my server and i don’t know how to add myself as owner? Can someone please tell me how. Thanks.

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can someone please tell me how.

You have +assmenu binded to a key, correct?

Yes, but i am not set as an admin so i can’t really do anything with it.

I haven’t used Assmod since Gmod 11, but you can write this on the server console
ass_giveownership #

# - is marked as your own name

I use HLSW tool and i went to Console and typed that and it says invalid player, and yes i’m in the server


Well, what do you mean by “server console”?

What is HLSW?

Just some tool, to manage your server.

type status, and get your player ID #

should be like 1 if you’re the only player

ass_giveownership playernumber

Thanks, that worked^