Assmod help

First off some of my options that i set using the +ass_menu wont save. Some do but some reset the next time i come on or server restarts.

Also admins lower than the Server Op can pick up my props even though i am a higher rank, i need to fix this. Anywhere i can edit in the files?

Well… not really sure about your Menu question… but try

bind “l” +ass_menu in console.

And for your needs, you need prop protection first off, and I think that should solve the problem. I recommend Falco Prop Protection. Otherwise, I would suggest using Evolve, as I think Immunity covers prop rights? Yea… so I think that should work

Xenon Servers provides a copy of assmod with prop protection included…

Just remember to delete the afk kicker.

Why would you delete afk kicker?

Its borked.


Plus whats wrong with afk :c

Yeh i think i downloaded Falcos Prop Prot ill mess around with it later.