[ASSMOD]Losing ownership upon restart

Each and everything time I restart my server, I lose ownership, so does the super admins.
I use the ass_giveownership “userid”/“steamid”/“nick” in the server console, and I lose ownership on every restart.
I even tried setting my self as super admin in the users.txt, didn’t work either.

Haelp pl0x

assmod is unstable, use evolve or some other new admin mod.

What he said.

You’re using the PERP 1.5 Assmod, right?

Assmod is a really old admin mod, you should switch to Evolve, wich is the today’s Assmod.

No, pure sandbox.

I’m using evlove at the moment, but I miss the simple assmod and some of it functions.

Why? Evolve is so much better.

Evolve has a ton of useless crap


It could be your fail at adding ownership in mysql properly… no one ever consider that instead of blaming assmod which is actually pretty decent despite how old it is?