AssMod Menu

I’ve got a new GMod Server (AdminMod = AssMod) and nearly everything works great (Tools, Addons, …) but if I want to act with the AssModMenu what I’ve binded on N it Opens but i can’t klick on something. I just get lua errors each time when i go with my mouse over a field.

I’ve done everything just like it’s said but it’s failing :frowning:

Pls help.



Get another admin mod. It seems that AssMod is outdated or something.

I will see if I can upload my version of ASSMod, it has a little bit of lua errors, but still works.


But remember to change the MOTD, unless you want my server’s serious RP rules plastered all over your server :v:

Would be really cool :slight_smile:

If you do pls PM me or something I’m going to test Evolve