ASSmod Noclip

I have noclip restricted to everyone on my server but admins. When an admin bans someone, hey can return, they join the server as ‘previously banned’ after the ban time is up instead of ‘guest’. They cannot use basic tools ect but the worst is that they can noclip no matter what I do to stop them. Is there a fix for this? Should I change a piece of code somewhere?


Try using a different admin mod Bans dont work very well in ASSMod

Permanent ban them maybe?

Recommend any? I have never tried to use any other before.

ULX for the win!

Tried that, server owner did not like it much so I had to change back to assmod.

Why would he not like it? It’s a great and fully functional admin mod.

You could try NewAdmin, but I’m not a particular fan. Really, ULX is the best mod out there. Citrus looks good on face but is more annoying than anything else. ASSMod has a terrible menu and less functionality.

I have no idea why he does not like it.

Well you should talk to him. Ask why he doesn’t like it. Explain why ULX is the best admin mod out there.

Don’t use ULX, almost every hack out there is for ULX and ulx is so easy to exploit, i prefer assmod but for some reason im having a problem with something else, I’ll make a thread later :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m working on an admin mod at the moment. I’ve worked on it for several hundred hours so far.
It’s an absolutely massive project - I got a ton of features planned/implemented.
If you, or anybody else for that matter, want to know a little more about it; message me on Steam.

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I thought it was commonly known that Assmod gave banned players noclip on DarkRP servers