Assmod not saving ranks

I recently rented a server for gmod. I installed assmod, but it doesn’t save a text file for ranks so every time I change map or restart the server I have to give myself ownership via rcon.

Is there a fix for this?

First of all, don’t rent a server. Rented servers are bad for admin addons and stuff.

Too late. I got it from the suggested renting link, that is after I tried to set up my own desktop as a server and that failed horribly…

Gonna try out ULX anyway… :confused:

Don’t like ULX… :confused:

I tried editing users.txt and hoped assmod would automatically pick that up, but noooo… :frowning:

Do they offer assmod or did you personally download assmod and put it into the addons folder yourself?

My personal favourite is Citrus. It’s just a shame it isn’t officially supported anymore.


Which is to say give Citrus a go while you’re trying out admin mods