ASSMod not working again?

I’ve been using ASSMod downloaded from workshop for several months, but today it just disappeared and I can’t find a currently functional version on the internet. Anyone knows?

Have you tried reinstalling it?

How can I reinstall it when it’s not on Workshop anymore? If you mean reinstalling the version, I don’t think that re-putting a single folder into another folder will do much difference when I didn’t have to do that a single time while installing addons from All the versions there are quite old, pre-GM13.

And if you mean reinstalling GMod then no… This is not a solution at all. I’ve reinstalled it before 2 weeks or so, because of SteamPipe, and it’s currently updated to the newest version. I am not going to reinstall my whole GMod, moving so many things again (data, settings, spawnmenus…) and spend hours downloading addons, because of a single addon which isn’t even supposed to work under Gmod 13.