Assmod not working?

I have a question, I just recently installed the latest steam update, but now the problem is that when I try to bring up the ASSMenu or use assmod, nothing happens. Was it broken in the update? :frowning:

Alot of addons are broken due to this update, the addon owner should release an update for that addon soon.

Ulx is broken too.

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Hey Facepunch users,

I’m getting really tired of these topics, please stop making the god-****-topics cause it’s all the same problem.
GARRY made a fail update, so LUA fails, so each addon fails, alot of other problems are heading up too. So PLEASE stop making these topics, play some other games like CoD, add me to steam (NeburRebyc, don’t worry, i’ll accept u) and spam me, everything is better than seeing these topics.

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Ruben, can you stop turning topics into flame topics?

We appreciate help, but flaming isn’t really acceptable.

Temp fix going through testing at the moment (3rd party) for assmod.
Considering asmsod hasn’t been updated in about 2 years, I don’t think the creator will fix it if garry doesn’t.

What a douche…