Assmod Problem

Has anyone else been getting any issues with the Assmod Admin menu. What is happening is, I have the Assmod on my Dedicated server and every 3 - 5 minutes, My garrysmod freezes for a split second and then crashes. I do not get any error messages displayed or anything.

The reason why I know this is the Assmod is because I did a lot of testing. I first, removed all of the Addons from the Dedi server, still getting the same problem, I re-installed the Dedi and installed the Addons and the Assmod, still getting the same issues…

Removed the Assmod completely, and I was able to stay in the server for more than 10 minutes with no crashing.

I think this may have something to do with the recent updates on Garrysmod a few weeks ago and its driving me insane. Now I am stuck with a Server without a Admin menu and have had to take it down until its fixed.

Does anyone know if there has been any updates from Assmod that runs with the updated version of GarrysMod?

I have tried all other Admin Menu’s like Citrus and ULX and they do not work either.

I use Evolve cause I had problems with Assmod and ULX all the time, heres the link;