Assmod Question..

Since that thread is closed;

Whenever i try to do something, it says: Player not found (yes i have set myself to admin).
But, when my other admin tries to do something, he can do everything. How is this possible?

Can someone please help me? D:

What? Explain what it is. Also Admin plugin problems, unless Lua error related, shouldn’t go in the lua section.

Assmod is lua

, and if you’re the owner try typing ass_giveownership (user ID) in the console. If you’re not, you must not have access, or someone must have broken the status that you’re set to.

Hi, im new to ASSMod, and i do not know how to add my self as an owner…
Doesn’t work in the console so i tried looking in the files and did not find anything.
Please help ASAP my server has no protection because i cant give people Admin.
If anyone could help me get myself owner That would be Great! Thanks