Assmod really unstable?

Is assmod really unstable?

Probably, but I still use it. Here’s a little tutorial on how to get things
going with ASSMod 2.2!




  1. Go and download ASSMod here. If you want to download more plugins or different versions of ASSMod go here.

  2. Extract it to your garrys mod addon folder.
    E.G: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\deathtime38\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

  3. Now, either join your server or start a single player game.

  4. Go to console and type in the following command:
    bind x “+ASS_Menu”

  5. Now press x, it should bring up a menu that dosen’t hardly have
    any options available.

Option 1:

Go to console while in your game and type rcon_password “Your Password”.
From here, type in rcon ASS_GiveOwnership YourUsername

Option 2:

I think this is for servers only, not really sure. Anyway, go to garrysmod/data/ass_rankings.txt.
Find where it says the usernames like here:

“name” “deathtime38”
“Id” “Whatever ip address”
“rank” “0”

And set rank to 1 for owner.

Access Levels
(in order of priority)

  1. Owner
  2. Super Admin
  3. Admin
  4. Temp Admin
  5. Respected
  6. Guest
  7. Banned

Hope you understood this tutorial well!
I’ll be making one for ULX hopefully!

That’s wrong.

Ok im sorry but I clicked this because it said ASS and Unstable.

But this info is useful for administrating for people starting out.

And your statement about unstable is the most load of junk. :lol: ASSmod is the most simple and efficient admin mod available.

Because somebody on a post said so on another post, plus recently it’s getting
a lot of people saying it’s worthless.



P.S - How is this wrong, you didn’t explain why?

You don’t edit the file manually, you use the console commands.

If the ranks reset each map you need a blank text file named ass_rankings.txt and ass_config_server.txt in your data folder.