Hey guys. i was Looking for SQL Linkage for ASSMOD 2.2 (For the Ranks)

Because i have bought 2 servers and hoping to link the ranks between them.

i can pay about $15 for this


You can’t be serious about paying people, can you?

Yes i can, I pay people for Work

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No one?

Ill do it I guess.

Sweet Add me on steam: phillipd123 (Username)

I cant atm I will have to tomorrow.

Okay thanks

still waiting man

I have never seen Zack do anything useful, my advice is to stay clear of him.

True, If anyone else would like the Job its still Open, $15 Upon completion

All i need it for is the Ranks
I will Message u on steam all the Details about the ranks since we have Modifyed them
My Steam Username : phillipd123