Assmod synchronization.

Hi everyone. I did my own assmod writer (that thing that saves and load rankings) to work with mysql. It works serversided (that means I can set up players from mysql, I took Noclip privileges), but not clientsided (as I said, I took noclip privileges to a player, that player could not do noclip, but in assmod menu I saw player has got noclip privileges… ). That’s my problem, now I will explain I think why it happens:

1· I took noclip privileges from mysql of a player.
2· Then I execute manually the funcion ASS_LoadRankings()
3· The player can’t do noclip.
4· I check it on assmod menu, but it says the player still has privileges.
5· I exit from server, and then I join again.
6· I check the assmod menu again, and now it says the player can’t do noclip.

So I think there must be any function to refresh the menu (like ASS_RefreshMenu()) but I can’t find it out. I need someone that knows assmod, or someone that knows how to refresh menu. Thanks.