Assmod Targeting Help

Hey i need help targeting on assmod menu, when i am admin and want for example give god mode to someone and try to give it to myself, someone else will get the god mode same if i give like a friend… the other person gets it. If that person leaves, another specific person will get the godmode instead it is like random who gets it i can’t taget myself even if i try in the ass_menu :// what should i do? i tried delete cache and restart gmod didn’t work either. And i tried to downlod the Assmod Addon, didn’t work either. Help me!

You are running a legal version of GMod, yes?

Yep add me to steam if you can help :smiley:


I don’t know what’s wrong. I just asked since I think Assmod uses SteamID or UniqueID for a lot of stuff, which is invalid on cracked versions of GMod.

arghh btw when i delete my cache it downloads lots of ass_*****.lua but they are all 0 kb and they come into a temp folder i dont know what it is called, cant find it atm. i downloaded the addon from and tried to get thoose plugins… didn’t work either still targets 1 person

And i have no assmod files anywhere else cept that folder. :confused: and yeah i got a folder in garrysmod/data/assmod and in there’s only MOTD