ASSMod Vote Plugin

I searched far and wide for one of these, but I couldn’t find any mention about it except someone mentioning that they wanted it in the main release thread, so I decided to make my own.

Description: For those lacking in reading comprehension skills, a vote plugin for the ASSMod server admin addon.
The vote create screen:

The main vote casting screen:

Instructions: Watch the video:

**Installation:**Place ass_vote.lua into addons/assmod/plugins/


Fun features being developed for future versions:
[li]Vote ended notification will have results (“Option asdf won with 5 votes, option xyz got 3 votes, option qwerty got 2 votes”)
[/li][li]Vote presets/saving, so you don’t have to fiddle around entering the same options again and again
[/li][li]Automatic rcon actions for when an option wins (super admin only).
[/li][li]Vote recipient filter (send to all admins, all non-admins, certain teams)

Awesome. When my fucking WebServer starts behaving, this will go on the gameserver. :3:

Thanks man, this is awesome. Adds a great feature to an already great admin system :smiley:

Thanks, this is really nice.

Great plugin!!!

Nice, this is exactly what I needed for this great mod!!!

Nice job!

But how do i see all the answers?
like in console,
Martinerrr voted yes
Martinerrr2 voted no