Assmod weapon restrictions

Everytime I make a swep restriction, assmod keeps forgeting it and I have to set it up all the time the server reboots. How do i make it so it rememebers the restrictions?

Yes, i know assmod is very unstable. But im to lazy to install ULX.

Save Srvr Settings

how do i do that? Im a noob to server hosting, so i have no idea what you mean. Is there like a command or somthing?

[Mythbusters Voice]Here’s your problem[/Mythbusters Voice]

Yea, and?

Ahem… You should install ULX. It’s FAR better…
Some GSP’s have auto installation of ULX, but if you home-host or don’t have an autoinstaller, just go here and click ULib and ULX download (not the .exe file)

im kind of stuck, i put my username and SteamID in user.txt and it wont let me be admin.

When you install it, go into rcon and type “ulx adduser <name or partial name> superadmin”. ULX is designed so that you should never have to edit any files.

Ah, my friend that lives in the UK says you have to do it manualy…anyways, how do I restrict tools, weapons, and sents?

Tools: URestrict
Weapons: Look in the SWep’s shared.lua file for ent.spawnable or something like that, change it to false (leave adminspawnable true)
SEnts: Same method as Weapons
Props: Uppl

You can find these on the Ulysses Forums ( under Releases. I would link you but I’m really tired and need to sleep xD.

When you modify the user.txt file, you need to remove the // before the name and STEAM ID.

Well, I cant access, just sits there for ever then comes up and says page does not excist.

Nothing is wrong with their site, I can access it right now…

It just wont load it… D: