Assorted TF2 poses

So yeah. Some of these might have shit anti-aliasing. It’s the best my computer can do.

**“I vill have zis man fightink again within ze week!”

“So yeah. I guess I got pretty lucky with her.”

“Death of the Adversary”

“The Power District”

“Traffic Problems”

**C&C welcome. If it’s anything about the anti-aliasing… you’re leaning far too close to your computer screen.

I like that soldier model. Is it hexed and or released? Also the posing is really good. I can never pose any one inside a car.

Soldier model is here:

Also, I used the Ignore tool to pose characters inside the car:

It makes objects ignored by everything.

whay i do is i pose the upper body then let the feet hang

When the feet hang you can see them under the car.

I nearly had that with the chauffeur until I caught it at the last minute.

lucky you caugh it :open_mouth:

dont spam ingame blood

I have to spam it to give the shots a realistic look, like a real amount of blood has been spilled.

My computer basically has to devote every speck of memory to running Gmod. I can’t use any custom decals.

Thanks for the tip, though.