"Assuming control of the dance floor!"

Thread music (Since a Reaper is the DJ, Dubstep was the only opportunity):


Dubstep is used by Reapers for indoctrination purposes.
You might want to check the file’s name, too.

You forgot the best dancer in the game cmdr. Shepard.

I wanted to put him in, but he was busy shooting the Starchild, I didn’t want to interrupt.

Haha, nice one!

I expected the Collector General.

He was controlled by Harbinger. I was too lazy to inflate his front “leg” and put light, so…

Still made me laugh, anyway.

it looks like jack is trying to wank that geth while doing a handstand

Haha, this is great!

You can’t assume the dance floor without Sheppy.


I assume you know he’s busy shooting the Starchild.

I was expecting Electric Six’s “Dance Commander” but this will do.

Haha, nice!