Asteroid Assault - How long can you survive Armageddon?

To Quote my WIP thread from long, long ago:

Since that fateful, unpopular thread, the following features have been added:
[li]more generic weapons
[/li][li]Price/Prop Health balancing (sorta)
[/li][li]MANY Perks.
[/li][li]Many types/sizes of bombs. (Small/med/large; stasis/attraction/repulsion)
[/li][li]A second map
[/li][li]A nextmap vote
[/li][li]A cleanup vote
[/li][li]A skip build phase vote
[/li][li]A railrun
[/li][li]A medkit
[/li][li]A wrench
[/li][li]A turret model and base that don’t quite work. (Bullets come out of the wrong place, textures are corrupt)
[/li][li]Other stuff I’ve since forgotten and considered a base part of the gamemode

To go into detail about the 3 “Special” weapons, the wrench, railgun, and medkit:

The Wrench
[li]Can heal props, and displays their health as a %.
[/li][li]Gives you money for repairing props that need repairing.

The Railgun
[li]Primary Fire is a rapid-fire blast that does about the damage of a magnum, and can shoot through many asteroids at once.
[/li][li]Secondary fire is a short-range frontal burst that outright rapes everything in frount of you.

The Medkit
[li]Primary Fire drops a medkit, you can have only a limited ammout of medkits out at once.
[/li][li]You gain money when someone uses your medkit.
[/li][li]Secondary fire is an uber-charge, with a relatively short timer.
[/li][li]You gain money if you use your uber on someone else, and not just yourself.

[li]You many only have 1 (Yes, 1) of the 3 special weapons at a time.
[/li][li]This is to prevent 1 player from being able to become able to do everything needed to run an effective base.

And, last but not least, Download:


I don’t really PLAN to continue this, the turrets just frustrated me too much, and it just doesn’t seem popular enough to warrant the work, but hey, if it gets popular, I’ll continue working on it. And so, for that reason:

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Post em’ here!

Cool I think you should continue working on this!

Also, change the font.

Great idea for a gamemode, Downloading now =D

I have always wanted a game mode like this, I will try to check it out some time.

Oooh, I remember this. It was fun playing.

I might be dumb, but SVN pass please? nothing I input works

Eh, sorry, posted https link instead of http one. Just use new link.

where do I put the SVN checked out folder? addons or gamemode?

I remember playing this on your server. It’s just a bit hard to aim, cause you can hardly see your crosshair.



That’s why I added the laser sight perk.

I should’ve noticed this earlier. I’ve always wanted to play a gamemode like this.


After playing it for about an hour with a few friends we’ve all pretty much agreed that the asteroids need to have bigger explosions when they hit.

Wow this game mode looks epic :smiley:

when is the link up, it’s been 3 weeks and is way past “soon”

If you insist.

Downloading now, I can’t wait to play! This looks great.

You can tell the logo wasn’t rushed. (Sarcasm)

First time i have heard of it and it seems ok


Rating me dumb for the logo creators mistake, who’s retarded?

I can make maps for it. How can i do that?

Sounds like a really cool onslaught like game.

I like it a lot, only my chainlink fort got pulverized within 2 minutes.
After a bit of work, this could really shine.

You got an article on