Asteroids 3D

[release]Hey you! Yeah, you! You reading this post! You know what asteroids is, right? What’s that?!?? You don’t? Well, here’s a picture of it:

Looks cool, right? Now what do you think would happen if we brought this game into the 21st Century? You’d get Asteroids 3D, Of course!

Planned Features:
[li]Multiple Ships[/li][li]Full Updrade System[/li][li] Wrapping Space (Just like in the original)[/li][li]A multi-faceted High-Score system[/li][li]A combo system[/li][li]Enough fast-paced action to make your eyes pop out. [/li][li]A basic currency system[/li][/ul]

Right now, all I have is this short video of what’s done so far, so here it is:

As you might be able to tell, I’ve got wrapping space in the spacial sense, a basic pea shooter, a basic ship, custom asteroids and asteroid sub-asteroids, a round system, and a skeleton upgrade window. [/release]

Alright. I may have forgotten some things, and I may have messed up in my typing somewhere (I’m sick right now), so ignore any errors in this post, if you would.

Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Please, do tell.

I don’t like the idea at all, how would you know what is behind you?

Combo System should be dropped. Also, yeah, probably best to stay 2D.

I agree with the above posts (unless you had some sort of behind-you vision), but wrapping space would be totally awesome if you can pull it out (as I see you have said).

looks good do it, oh and to see what’s behind you, you turn around lazy shit

if ObjectInView then RunTheFuckAway() end

This makes sense to me. Alternatively, create a top-down radar sort of thing. It may get you running away all of the time, but it would help. Or make it so that they get dimmed more and more the further (up/down-wise) they are from you.


Or make a beeping sound if a rock getting close enough, the nearer the rock the higher the pitch.

Good idea!


The wrapping space is ugly, you fly into a boundary you can’t see, then you get instantly teleported to the other side. Wrapping space works great for a top down game with a stationary camera, but in a 3D 3rd person game it doesn’t look good at all.

Once i figure out how do it it, i’m going to use renderx to draw the other side, like how the portal gun does.

Do not want. Sorta.

Only problem I see with that is if people try to shoot the rendered asteroids, they’ll shoot a wall, unless you made the projectiles wrap around too.

Why not? It’s been forever since I last played Asteroids (in fact, I may do that soon), but from what I remember that’s how it worked.

I was wondering if he has made the projectiles wrap around properly yet, and if he hasn’t that he should. I didn’t say he shouldn’t make them wrap.

Already done (somewhat), but in a movie.


They do wrap. Everything wraps. Only thing that isn’t wrapping right now is the view.

It looks awesome but scary… the whole “alone in space while surrounded by huge chunks of stone travel at high speeds towards you” kinda creeps me out :tinfoil:


Never the less, I love your take on “retro” :3:

I was just wondering how many of us have the feeling that the asteroids became harder, I was talking to Brainbot in the other thread and he agreed that it is so. I noticed that in the last month or so I could not get a single score over 1100, now I average between 1023-1056 whilst before I usually got over 1155 easily and thats a difference in about 10 asteroids. So, anybody else???

He could put in a radar that detects asteroids?