Here’s what I need.

An asteroid script that works a lot like the classic arcade game with varying sizes of asteroids that are going to be put into our (Lord Hayden and me) map, Interplanetary War.

The asteroids will spawn in a belt around either a planet or sun in the center of the map (undecided)
They will very in size and shape, which dictates the damage they do, yaddayaddayadda.

Here is the concept-

Here’s a quote from the map page:

Anyway, thanks for your time.

I made this before… It was easy… You just do something in the map. You put prop_physics in each other in one big rock and make it be on a track and have trigger_hurt around the planet or sun and have each strength or whatever on the prop so when it passes one area it breaks and then another rock is under it, and another, and another, and so on. Each trigger_hurt has different settings each getting higher and each prop has a higher strength as it gets smaller.
Here is an image of what it would look like…

Or someone could just make this with lua to be much more easier.

But that’d just be making the asteroid smaller, not breaking it into separate chunks, right?

That pack has asteroid sents in it.


Oh nevermind. Sorry for my bad reading. I read it wrong. I thought you wanted an asteroid entity. But I might know where to find an asteroids arcade game thing.

Yes, I want entities that work as described above.