Aston Martin DBS V12

I’d absolutely kill for a model of this car, but thanks to this site, perhaps I don’t have to.

There’s a model of the vehicle in the Quantum of Solace game, for which there’s a PC version. Given that it uses the Call of Duty game engine, which plenty of people seem willing and able to rip from to get Modern Warfare character ragdolls, I figure someone here should be capable of getting it.

I don’t own the game myself, but I know it’s included in mission number 12. There may be a second model as well, as a black version appears in cutscenes. Gray or black, I don’t mind, I’d just be thrilled to have it at all.

Thanks in advanced.

That means someone would need to buy the shitty game first.

There’s an aston martin in one of the GTA IV packs which is more or less the same car.

With the number of people who play Modern Warfare 2 and have already pre-ordered Black Ops, there seems to be no shortage of people clamoring for boring, linear shooters, so I’m sure someone must have it.

Ah yes, the Super GT. I’ll satisfy myself with that, it’s great and all, but there’s a number of cosmetic differences between it and the Aston. But in any case I don’t expect anyone to go out of their way to do this for me if they truly don’t want to.


Well this is embarrassing. I just searched high and low for the GTA model pack containing the Super GT and I can’t seem to find it. Seems like it’s one of the few vehicles in the game that hasn’t been ported. If anyone knows if it’s still around here somewhere and can link me that’d be appreciated.

Bump, as I’m still very much interested in acquiring my precious Aston.

Fucking can’t you read.

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Next time can you please insert the line “fucking can’t you read” before the quote of my message, so that I don’t get the feeling like you can’t actually fucking read and like you’re actually fucking with me.

Decided to add all that fucking in there because it’s really fucking rude and you used it below a quote of my message. :slight_smile:

i thought putting your quote first would have made it look like i was flaming you, which i wasn’t.

If you want it that bad, why don’t you make one?