Astronauts Being Sucked Out Of Their Spaceship

And from the looks of it, they’re also going to get screwed by facehuggers. What a nice day they’re having! :v:


This would be a horrifying experience to go through. Good work on the posing and editing and etc.

I thought the reflection in the helmet was some sort of face within it for a second

Reminds me of Apollo 18.

this sucks

Why the hell did I read the title as Astronauts Being Sucked In Their Spaceship.

Oh, well…

this reply sucks

What editing software did you use?

They’re going out of the damn walls!


Oh well, bad films aside it’s a pretty good shot.

I think he wrote about the situation the austraunauts are in.

Very nice, kinda reminds me about Dead Space.

Any chance you could show the original?

I doubt the facehuggers can hurt them one bit. They’ve got helmets.

Switch that with Facehugger and you’re still correct.

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Might wanna rewatch the first movie.

Where’d you get those facehuggers?

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photoshop cs