Astronomical Wonders Mod

This is probably the craziest thing that has been made in G-Mod, but what about some sort of item that represents the life of a star in a shortened period of time. Like, the entire lifetime of a G-type main sequence star or something like that? Maybe with large stars the creation of black holes? This would ROCK for Spacebuild, except it would last longer, like a few hours? An Administrator power to adjust the time would be nice. If not, maybe make several entities with different lifetimes. Like, 10 G-type main sequence stars, one lasting 1 minute, another lasting 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 1 hour, 2 hrs, 5 hrs, god knows. No one is going to wait, but it would be a pleasant surprise for admins to watch their map get blow to pieces by a red giant stage G-type star. Imagine, suddenly, the sun expands, some space captain looks at the sun and says,
“Oh dear god.” and he is instantly engulfed in flames. The only issue, TONS of coding. It doesn’t have to bee TOO high quality, but just something. Maybe with large stars it could spawn a black hole, which sucks EVERYTHING into it. The only issue is moving and destroying the map, so a special map would have to be made in order for the planet movement to work, but that can be done another day. Just props getting sucked would rock. A system where like, something within, oh say 10,000 units gets X amount of force applied in the direction of the black hole entity, and the closer you get the more force is applied. Then you can have a “Point of no return” spot, where the power will just instantly suck you into it. We would need the entity to swallow all props like the entity we already have. We just need to not parent it with a white hole. No need, just get sucked in. No way out, just 1 way in.
As for white dwarfs, this is definitely pushing it, but what if we could create a binary system? This is just a wild idea i had while watching video simulations of these things. Maybe a Helium Flash, or what i REALLY hope to happen, a SUPERNOVA!
This is not to be like that crappy fusion bomb, no offense to the maker, but a supernova would just make my day. One issue i see is the CPU power required for it. I don’t expect something absolutely perfect, but not a piece of crap. No wire e2 hologram sphere with a texture on it that expands. That’s just cheap. Somewhat good quality.
Now if you want a SERIOUS challenge, do the ENTIRE lifetime of a star. I’m talking birth from gasses nearby, which maybe we could create an entity that recreates the big bang, leaving gas everywhere, then you can spawn a star, which takes the gas and turns it into a star or whatever happens, and goes through it’s life cycle. Creation of planets, that sounds cool, but then the map would have to be completely void and empty of planets. Also, then you couldn’t spacebuild unless every planet was inhospitable as space. So, that ain’t gonna work for spacebuild, but it would still look cool. You don’t need the planet thing though, we can go without that. Just the birth of the star and the big bang and such. This is an idea of anyone wants a real challenge for both modeling, textureing and lua coding.
And, dare I say it, there’s one more idea. Stars, that create a real gravitational rotation for other stars, maybe to create a binary system. Or, a galaxy system! like put a super massive black hole in the middle, the only issue is it would suck it right up. Maybe entities from a certain distance like, what 100,000 units from the middle to 500,000 rotate around it. I have absolutely no idea if these measurements are right, but its just an example. This sounds absolutely crazy, but hey, if you can pull this off, your work must be epic.

 So, recap

Super massive black holes
G-type main sequence stars
Full Life sequences for all stars
White dwarfs
Binary Systems
Helium flashes
Full sequences include supernovas depending on their size, or black holes. It all depends. The gas spawned by supernovas is the same from the big bang idea and can create new stars?
Big Bang Entity that spawns gas
Anything else I left out

Sound good? post and try it out, i have NO IDEA if this is going to work, but its a fun idea!

It would be the most incredibly annoying thing since E2 noobs. And you have to consider server crashes and people with shit computers.

If only myh Pc could handle all that…

Christ, look at the dates.
It’s 2 weeks old, no need to bump it.

Ontopic, I doubt the majority of computers could run it.

We needz a supacomputa!
(Purposely retarded spelling)
Yeah its going to be a challenge to run all that, maybe one day modern technology will catch up with our dreams. Is it possible to put many processors in one computer? Cause if I had the cash I’d like throw 4 Quad core 3.2 GHZ processors in there :D.

Even though Source is not a multicore app and would be restricted to core 1? (correct me if I’m wrong.)

omg longest post ever. My eyes and my head hurtz.

If we could find a super computer that is powed by the words " IMA FIRARIN MA LAZAR " then mahbe this is possable but until that day this is just an epic dream :’(

This is not the right forum for this question, go post this in: Lua Scripting -> Requests

No Source games can use multiple cores. I think you have to enable it, A recent GMOD update allowed that to be used.