Asus Xonar DG Audio 5.1 Soundcard microphone dosnt work for voicechat. pls help.

so like the title says dos the micro not work with the game. i searched now in many forums for an solution and nothing helped.

this is the error message: Starting Microphone failed. result=25 (Unsupported file or audio format)

in every other game it works completetly fine anyway if its an steam game or an game of a disc or whatever. only in rust my micro dosnt work.

I hope someone can help me cause its really anoying to write all the time when you have an voicechat.

try this.

actually this i tried already and it destroyed my whole audio so nothing worked anymore.
but thx for the reply

problem solved. teamspeak blocked my microphone.

some help would be amazing, could you add me on skype and tell me how you fixed it? “redsaw66”