/******* DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A BETA *******/

ASX Mod is designed to be a combination of the ULX Admin Mod derma and the ASS mod commands, for those of you who just don’t like the ASS derma such as myself.

The only fully functional tab at the moment is the Client panel, where you can perform operations on any player from banning to setting access to burning.

Current errors in the menu:
Admin menu: neither the limit sliders nor the convar buttons work (at least clientside).
Map menu: Maps listed are client’s, not server’s, and the gamemode button doesn’t work… yet.
Client menu: How the hell do you use a submenu?

Planned implementation:
Ban menu (ASS one kind of sucks/doesn’t work)

This is the first major Lua project I’ve done created! I am aware this code is probably shitty in several ways, but hey, I tried to make it from scratch.
Please send me any suggestions/fixes you have. You can contact me over Steam (mooncricket1) or via email ( or just leave a comment.



Very Nice, Just fix a few bugs and its perfect.

So it’s just an interface for them?

Yeah, it’s dependent on ASSmod, but stay tuned for the Garry’s Mod Administrator, a mod Shane and I are working on that’ll be out in roundabout twenty or so years.

puts on waiting cap

I must say it’s pretty sleek, but like ULX it’s a pile of buttons which is a bit annoying.

It actually looks better than the ULX menu. At least it’s aligned properly. Maybe make the two button panels resizable?

If you made the menu like the Assmod Menu it would be flawless

That’s what he is trying to avoid…

If you mean resizable by a button thingy, I’ll see what I can do.

All the panels are created such that they will autofit to the frame’s X and Y (which you can set up at the top of the code, framex and framey).

There’s a nice DVerticalDivider that no one seems to be using. It’s pretty easy to implement, too.

You should make it unique, make it some size that isnt done , maybe smaller than ulx but bigger than ass mod.

Do we need more separation than just space inbetween panels, or is there more to the DVerticalDivider than I know?

Also, to those of you who dislike piles of buttons, what do you suggest in alternate?
I was thinking of making an option in the map menu for either list view or button view. Possibly for client, too.

The divider allows you to resize the panels when grabbing the divider line. You can see a horizontal version of this in the spawn menu.

Okay, question to all of you: I’m trying to make it so when the map tab is selected a button will appear in the frame.

However, I can’t call the sheet:GetActiveTab() until I’ve added the sheets, which is way down at the end of the code, so it sends back an error if I try and access the value before then. How can I solve this dilemma?

Where are you running sheet:GetActiveTab? You should run it in the sheet.OnMousePressed event.

I no this is not the corect form but still it is the same mod
I am trying to install GADerma v1.2 on my already assmod runing sever could you just give me a readme or some thing cuz it is geting realy frusterating

where do I put those ??? on addons ??? lua ???


autorun ?

This is dead. Seriously. If you want to use the much, much, better version of this addon, refer to here: