At End's Edge - Coming Soon!

So hopefully, I’ll be getting back to work on this comic again after a long hiatus of doing jack all regarding. Right now I’m expecting the first part to be long, so this may come out in a few months, but I’m guaranteeing it will, so here’s a quick thing as an announcement.

Anyways, this is the first proper comic I’m doing that’s also done up in episodes, so I hope it’s gonna be ok.

Looking forward to it!

Could use some more comics out here! Hl2 comics are always entertaining.

Quick update on this:

I put this on hiatus back before the big switch to Gmod 13 and hadn’t touched it since. Now that I’ve picked it up again I’ve decided to heavily redo the story, which may as well be starting from scratch.

In the mean time, have a concept thing based off what I have so far:

Cool beans, man. Looks promising, still.

that woman has seen some shit

I’ve missed stuff like this. Looking forward to read it.

Will this be the year GMod comics return full force? Fingers crossed for it.

I’d do a friendly race towards seeing who gets the next comic out first - your At End’s Edge or my next chapter of Hercule Cubbage’s tale - but that, if taken seriously, would probably impact the quality of the comics. So, you know, I’m patiently waiting out for this one. Like I said before, looking forward to it.

Once I get a new computer in april I hope to get the first episode of Universal Union out before I leave for the summer.

I can’t wait for this to be released Blooper, from the shots you’ve showed me it looks great and the posing is superb. If you need some peer review on your script I’d be more than happy to assist you in that regard.