At Least I Have My Books.. - A Shadow Study


I really like the prop placement.

Dayumn. I just love the Shadow Study itself. The shading is excellent in the first pic too. I also dig the prop placement and texturing.

Wish the second pic was bigger…

In what way? I have full size images (1440x900) :f5:

A little more dust around the the whole tank, just a little, to make it look more like it’s moving, right there it sort of looks like it’s slowing down. The shading on the rifle it a bit off… Which way is the sun facing, because if it’s facing where we’re looking the rifle shading is misplaced. This may be just me but the light under the wood pallet should be cover due to the props being placed on top, or it’s just the angle. Or just me… Nice overall job from my eyes!


Holy crap! Lovely editing there.

Give me your shadow method, I need it.
Great editing, really liking the prop placement.

I could really do with that shadow method. :slight_smile:

Wow, I really, really do love everything about this picture.
First class work.

Dayum, son. Nice work. I have been toppled from the throne of shading.

Post the method for us lowly peasants?


I’d like to know how you accomplished the shadows looks very nice

Very very nice man!

Do you have a bigger size to make it a wallpaper?

i want to have sex with those shadows

Reminds me of Bad Company 2.

p good


That sand is lovely.

I don’t remember you having sex with anything else than shadows.

I was thinking the same thing. This looks great!

Fuck the shadows I want to know about the sand.


Only word that pops up in my head right now