AT-ST Star Wars Atomic Walker

Wow an actual contraption in garry’s mod? madness! Powered by expression 2, walks and aims and shit. If enough people want it I’ll release a adv dupe.
Over 200 props, fuck knows how many entities.

with friends:

holy fucking shit

can we get a closer look at the other walkers/mechs too?

Woah! Nice!

Heres some of em for ya, but my graphics are shit on this computer


i absolutely love how there’s zero PHX to these

phx is too plain man, even when trying to replicate something, it still looks to plain. Plus I started building mechs properly at the beginning of gmod 10 so I got used to working with hl2 props and the like. But I do sometimes like materializing some mechs though.

Release the dupe man!

How do you want me to do this? i have the data file, but do you just need the text? or?

If you’ve used entities that are not stock then we’d need to know what mods we require to allow these to work.
Other than that you can upload the adv dupe .txt files to a place like Filesmelt, paste bin or whatnot.
I really wanna give these a try.
If I’m right, that should go in “garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator”.
You’ll need wiremod, phx3 (chassis uses phx models, not visible though) I think there’s about 2 props that are portal also. That should be all, let me know of any problems, or suck knob, your choice

It says the file wasn’t found. Is there any other way you could upload this?

Maybe because it was uploaded. . . 3 years ago, almost to the day? Look at post dates before posting.

Sorry, my bad. Thats a shame this looked really cool.