At The Movies

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At first I was like “What is this?” then I saw what movie they were watching.

I lol’d

hahahhaha lol

Ryu-Gi is turning over in his perma-banned account.

Ahahaha! Nice one.

Have a face with a tounge sticking out of it.

If it were me, they would have been watching “Twilight”.

Come on. Nothing made in GMod can be that gay. Twilight is a fucking insult to drag queens even.

Hah, nice one Rasti. I giggled.

List of things Twilight is an insult to:

Homosexuals (flamboyant, closet, and moderate)
Modern fiction
Drag queens

That’s all at the moment.



Thank you. One tries:keke:

But you forgot to put Tidus in there too!

Actually I should have when you mention it. But I have done him to.

It looks like Link wasn’t interested in Zelda after all.

Best be breaking our backs before we reach the mountains then. G’day, mates.

I lol’d.




Tanks for the replies guys. I hope you in the future will forgive me for fucking around with a international treasure like Link:smug: