At what point do you raise the price of the game?

They said they didn’t put the game in the Holiday Sales because they didn’t want to attract attention of a flood of people coming into this Alpha game. So I’m wondering, why don’t they just raise the price to $40 or $50 to possibly slow down the number of new players coming in and maybe also deter hackers who think $20 isn’t a big deal to rebuy after a VAC ban? Maybe $40-$50 would change that?

Because typically you pay less for an alpha then the price goes up after full release. It’s different with every game though (See: Planetary Annihilation). If people keep buying the game again to avoid vac bans that only gives Facepunch, and Valve more money and they still eventually end up banned.
Hope this helped.

I understand what you’re saying. But I think they could bump it up to $40 now, and then $60 upon full release. At the same time though, I’ve never played an Alpha game before. How many of them actually make it to “full release”?

That being said, I also think the game is worth $40 in its current state.

Plenty. Bumping it up to 40$ is a bad idea though. Rust is popular because it’s cheap and fun.

They have said that the price is highly unlikely to increase at all, even after the game is finished and enters full release. Due to the game still being in alpha, I probably would have never bought it if it was more than $20. There are some games that are still in alpha that have a price tag of $35 and $60. Due to the nature of alpha, I would never risk that much money on an unfinished game.

Garry said, he won’t: