AT4's rule

Another attempt at editing.

Constructive critisism please…

He’s firing a rocket, not lauching a AA-missile lol the Muzzle flash is too big.
But the rocket editing seems fine to me :smiley:!AT4_rocket_launcher.jpg&imgrefurl= :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that’s one hell of a backblast

Woah, I stand corrected then.

Good editing :smiley:

In deed. I first thought that was overdone. Nice pic.

The smoke has some really hard edges and is too obviously just copied and pasted, same goes for the backblast.

The picture needs much more contrast. It’s very grey and washed-out at the moment and it is reducing the impact that the lighting on the soldiers’ backs could have.

It’s too dark. I’m assuming it’s in day-time.

Thanks for the commentary, I’m still learning GIMP so that will help.

edit is… not good