aTac // Open source lua bind whitelist antiskid


I’m going to keep this for personal use instead

You might want to put your logs in a sub directory like so ‘data/atac/atac_log_<#>.txt’.
Other than that looks great.

I make harmless custom aliases and binds all the time. I’d just blacklist servers that use this, to be honest.

Looks decent never the less, probably be a stepup from other free anticheats.

I’d suggest making a separate file for all the binds though so your main isn’t 2000 lines of good binds. I do agree with above though, you should possibly add commonly used binds like say/+Attack/etc.

I like how you’re white listing DLL’s, instead of using a black list.

It’s a giant step down.

Why kick? Why not just log it and give it to admins and then let them decide.

How so?

By default, it will only log now. There’s an option at the top of the serverside file that you can set to true to turn on kicking for unwhitelisted binds. Will push it soon

I do realize now the problem with harmless aliases. If only there were a way to see what they pointed to

You should have both a whitelist and blacklist with the option to enable/disable the whitelist. If the whitelist is enabled then the blacklist is ignored.

Whitelists are still really easy to bypass still ( for reasons im not going to say since lua skids )

I hate edgy loading screens that every server seems to have these days, so I have a .dll in my bin folder that overrides the loading screen to a simple default one. I’d get banned for something like this?

It won’t ban you but it’ll kick you and tell you to get rid of it if it hasn’t been added to the whitelist

Just rename the dll to gmcl_bass_win32.dll, gmcl_flexposer_win32.dll or gmcl_midi_win32.dll and you’re good. :v:

This is useless and will just hinder genuine players

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It’s like drm

Have a server with allowcslua 1 and any client running any script. Your script will ban innocent people.
Have wouterboi’s example. Again, your script bans innocent people.
Your disconnect message is malicious, claiming to be VAC
_R.Player.Kick( ply, "You cannot connect to the selected server, because it is running in VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) secure mode.

This Steam account has been banned from secure servers due to a cheating infraction." )

Your anticheat bans players for running the functions debug.getupvalue, CompileString, RunString and RunStringEx, not even bothering to check whether they are from genuine addons installed on the server. Your script bans innocent people when the server has certain normal addons running.

You check against a module whitelist:
_R.atac.okdlls = {
[“gmcl_bass_win32.dll”] = true,
[“gmcl_flexposer_win32.dll”] = true,
[“gmcl_midi_win32.dll”] = true,
I would have been banned by your script if I joined a server with it before I released my midi module. Your script bans anyone who’s developing a Lua module and leaving it in the lua/bin folder. Those three modules aren’t the only good clientside modules. Again, innocent bans.

**Your script has more features to ban innocent people than it has to ban genuine cheaters. **

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Also where is the source for the dll, are you expecting us to trust you with that kind of thing?

bro now the skids know wtf

Sweet, time to rename 1337_hax_plsnocopypasterino.dll to gmcl_midi_win32.dll and have fun. Boy that sure was hard after being kicked to see it’s running.

It would if !!!atac_sh_autorun.lua wasn’t wrapped in an if statement with a condition that is never true.!!!atac_sh_autorun.lua#L1
[lua]if CLIENT and SERVER then[/lua]

Thanks for pointing that out, retard moment on my part.

So basically I’m going to get banned because of the two modules I’m developing that have perfectly legitimate uses? Cool.